Honorary Board Members

Scott Fetzer is a musician living in Los Angeles.  Scott was a board member for the first 3 years of the foundation before moving to honorary status.  Scott and David are brothers, and were close friends who acted and made music together, drank beer and whiskey together, and shared a genuineness, humility, and willingness to put themselves on the line for each other, and for others.

Carly Fetzer, an original board member and David’s sister, is currently attending graduate school at the University of Utah in the  film & media studies department studying animation.  Carly has previously graced us with her animation for our Love Utah Give Utah fundraising efforts.  We expect she will continue to do so as she continues to support the foundation’s efforts as an honorary board member.

Jessica Fetzer: I can still see David’s nimble fingers dance across the tops of the car seats in our family’s Isuzu Trooper, his hands becoming characters in his own impromptu play to distract and delight us siblings.  We learned, as most who came to know David, to look to him as an abundant source of laughter, creativity, and inspiration, made evident through his various artistic endeavors.  I was molded in many ways by his passion, whether listening to his music or attending one of his plays, and his example provided a template of how to live a life of purpose.  It is my hope that this foundation can be the vehicle to foster David’s legacy through others’ artistic expression and talent,  coaxing their fingers to type, strum, or dance for the delight of all.

Jessica Fetzer is a barista in Missoula, Montana at the locally-owned bakery Le Petit Outre.    

David Littlefield was one of the original board members of The Davey Foundation, helping to make us who we are today.  In March of 2016 Dave passed away.  His love of art and music and people, and his influence, will remain with us always.  We are happy to include him as an honorary board member.

David Littlefield was a lawyer- specializing in Immigration Law, and taught at the University of Utah College of Law.  His clients included the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association, U.S. Speedskating, U.S. Biathlon, U.S. Synchronized Swimming , and other renowned organizations, businesses, and educational institutions.  He is listed in “Best Lawyers in America,” and was chief counsel for all Immigration-related issues with the 2002 Winter Olympic Games.  Dave believed that Art and Music are like Oxygen….