Grantee News


The Good News:  CONGRATULATIONS TO CELINE & LOGAN, whose short film Caroline will screen at Cannes this year.  The Cannes Short Films Competition comprises eight films (seven fiction and one animation) chosen from 3,943 submissions.  That means they had a .025% chance of getting accepted.  Or something.  Math is not our strong point.

The Bad News: Because the Cannes Film Festival conflicts with the Davey Showcase, Celine and Logan will be unable to attend the Showcase.  Who’d’a thunk they’d choose Cannes over The Davey Foundation?  Ah well, we’ll have to live with the slight.

Nevertheless, we are soooooooooo excited for them, and wish them all the best at Cannes!  While they will not be at the Showcase LIVE, they’ve promised a little surprise to take their place.  Worth coming to the Showcase just to see that!