David formed the band Mushman with best friend Patrick Fugit (“Almost Famous”), and recorded two albums, “Eddie Do,” and “Lost Like Children.”

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You can listen to them here.

David also wrote songs that he recorded solo. You can hear Davey’s “Boy in the Well” here from Kenny Riches’ Kickstarter site “The Films of David Fetzer.”


Michigan was also home and musical inspiration to David.  Beginning in 2006, David spent as much time as he could in Michigan during the summer, often a month or two, traveling with his friends across both peninsulas. He engaged with many communities of people in Michigan, where he is loved and celebrated widely, and was particularly interested in the many friends he made who make a living doing artisan crafts and creative work. His visits were often planned in anticipation of and preparation for the Earthwork Harvest Gathering, a yearly music festival coinciding with harvest time in September on Earthwork Farm, a 181 acre working farm in Missaukee County, Michigan, home to musician Seth Bernard and the Bernard family.Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 4.18.28 PM

David played the festival occasionally, and would occasionally pass as he was there mostly to nurture and support the community, the farm and the work of his dear friends Seth and May, Susan Fawcett, Michael Erlewine, Micah Ling, and too many others to name–but you know who you are. This year, the festival will happen on September 20, 21 and 22, and will include a David Fetzer tribute in addition to a set by David’s brother, Scott Fetzer.  (Please see for more information about this year’s Harvest Gathering.)

David also treasured the time between Christmas and New Year’s Day when he would travel to Michigan and hole up at a remote woodland cabin in Antrim County, Michigan with dear friends and fellow musicians. There they would hunker down through the wintry days and nights and create magical music together as “Hi-Lo,” with a morphing spelling and cast of members. They would bring original songs to the table or write new songs together and record on a 4 track tape machine, like the song below.