2018 Showcase Wrap-up

Congratulations to our grantee filmmakers Celine Held & Logan George (BABS) (hope you’re having a wonderful time with your film CAROLINE at Cannes!), Jamil Munoz (KIKO), and Lauren Smitelli, whose short VISUAL DESCRIPTION won the David Littlefield Audience Award!


And thank you to all who attended.  We have uniformly heard that the films were top-notch, and a good time was had by all(ish).  🙂

Thank you to our Guest Filmmaker, Bernardo Britto for his charm and enthusiasm; to Plan-B Theatre and Salt Lake Acting Company for their energetic partnerships; to Sundance Resort for its Mountain Getaway donation; to our volunteers  Ariana Farber, Carly Fetzer, Scott Fetzer, Conor Long,  Andrew Shaw, Morag Shepherd, Eduardo Soares, and Mary Toscano; to “the Marys,” artists Mary Rothlisberger and Mary Toscano; to the Salt Lake Film Society for hosting us (thanks Helen & Gui!); and to our marvelous Davey Board for a ****load of hard work!

And to our sponsors, a sincere thank you.  Without you and our donors, we wouldn’t exist.