FREE FILM NIGHT at Fisher Brewing Co.


Looking for a place to cozy down, have a beer, and see great films?  We have all 3 for you Sunday, October 21 as Fisher Brewing and The Davey Foundation team up for a FREE Fall Film Night.  Bring your blanket and cozy up (or down).   Davey Grantee films:  KIMCHI by Jackson Segars, BEEMUS by Lauren Wolkstein, and BABS by Celine Held and Logan George.   Also screening ISIP, a short film written by David Fetzer, directed by Kenny Riches, and starring Pat Fugit and Scott Fetzer.   And we’re excited to invite SUWA to join us with their short documentary  WILD UTAH: AMERICA’s RED ROCK WILDERNESS. 

Screenings at 7:15 and 9:00 pm,  320 W. 800 South.  

See you there!