2015 Film Grants


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OPEN JANUARY 15, the 2015 Davey Foundation Film Grants!

CLICK 2015 Film Application for Film Application, or 2015 Local’s Film Application for the local’s grant!

Check our Frequently Asked Question Page to see if your question is answered before sending us an email.  (We love hearing from you, but we may be able to save you some inbox clutter!

Use this button to pay for your reading fee, or send a check to The Davey Foundation at      1169 Yale Avenue, SLC, UT 84105.

This year your chances are increased as two grants have been added!  Thank you to all who have supported the Foundation for making these additional grants possible.  The three grants are as follows:

Two $5000 grants  for writer/directors nationwide.  You must be 35-or-under on April 30,  fill out the 2015 Film Application, and pay a $10 reading fee per script. Grant winners must deliver a Bluray copy of his/her film by December 1.  Films will screen at the December 17, 2015 Davey Foundation Film Showcase.  You  also agree to attend the Showcase on December 17 and Filmmaker Forum on December 18.  The Foundation will provide airfare for your travel to Salt Lake City.  (The film may not have screened in SLC prior to the December 17 Davey Foundation screening.)

We are excited to announce that the third grant will be offered to a writer/director 35-or-under on April 30 with a Utah connection.*  This grant will consist of the use of a  Cinema Camera Package valued at $10,000, courtesy of, and in partnership with, Film Exchange. You will also have the production services of Jesse Brown, producer of Kenny Riches’ Sundance film “The Strongest Man.”   You must fill out the 2015 Local’s Film Application, and pay a $10 reading fee per script.   Grant winner must deliver a Bluray copy of his/her film  by December 1. The short will screen at the 2015 Davey Foundation Film Showcase, and you will be expected to attend the Showcase on December 17, as well as the Filmmaker Forum on December 18.

In addition to the $$ and gear grant, recipients will be assigned mentors to help them through the process of completing their film.  Mentors for 2015 are: last year’s grant recipient BEN KEGAN,  and Davey Foundation board members, award-winning film directors, and Sundance Film Festival alumni, KENNY RICHES and DUSTIN GUY DEFA.

The application window for these grants closes on March 15, 2015.  The grant recipients will be announced on April 30, 2015.

Shorts should be no longer than 20 minutes (approximately 20 pages of script).

We are also excited to announce that special guest juror is DAVID ZELLNER, director of the award-winning film, KUMIKO, THE TREASURE HUNTER.

For questions, email Kenny Riches at kennyriches@gmail.com or dustin.defa@gmail.com.


*A Utah connection means either born in Utah, currently living in Utah, or previously living in Utah for more than one year.

14 thoughts on “2015 Film Grants

  1. Does the director have to be the writer too? We have a team that consists of a writer/producer and director. Can one of us apply to the grant?

    1. From the FAQs: I’m a 30 year old writer, but my director is 42, can I still apply for this thing or what?

      Sorry, but no. The grant is geared toward filmmakers who write and direct their own material, meaning one person (writer/director). If you happen to have a co-director who is also under 35, we’ll let it slide. OR, if you are a director under 35 and you really really want to shoot a script by another writer under the age of 35 and you have the rights to the script, you may apply. However, we will not fly both of you out for the screening event.
      Hope this helps!

    1. From the FAQs: Yo, I make short animations. Can I submit an animation project?

      You may submit an animation project, but the project must be completed by December of the same year. That’s a small window for the labor-intensive nature of animation. Keep that in mind when applying.

      Hope this helps!

  2. First of all, thank you for organizing this grant! It seems like a great program. Secondly, are short documentary proposals allowed, or is the competition restricted to narrative films?

    1. You’re welcome! Grants are currently limited to narrative films, but sign up for notifications, as we hope to add a grant for short documentaries as we grow. AND, you can help us grow by spreading the word about the foundation!

    1. We hear your disappointment. Stay in touch, as our board will discuss how to define “emerging artist” for future years. You can receive updates from us by signing up on the website.

    1. Are you also a co-directing team? Yes, you can submit jointly, but remember, if you win, the Foundation will only pay to bring one of you to SLC.

  3. One has to pay a fee in order to apply for a grant? So, if 1000 people apply to get a grant and you are offering two $5000 grants, is that really a grant? Or is it just coming from the proceeds that people have paid to you to get their script read? Sorry for the questions, but I’m just not clear on how this works.

    1. You can review the Foundation’s Annual Report on our website Home page. That may give you a better feel for our finances. If that’s your question.

  4. Will the showcase deter our abilities to showcase or premiere at certain festivals? Are we allowed to still send it out to festivals before December?

    1. We encourage our grantees to go forth and screen at however many festivals they can, even if it’s before December. All we ask is that you don’t screen in Salt Lake City before December.

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