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<p “>You can help us take our Filmmakers’ Films on the Road by donating to LUGU 2017 between March 1 and March 30!

The Davey Foundation has operated since its inception in 2013 as an all-volunteer organization.  Last year we were  STEPPIN’ IT UP to hire an executive director.  Thanks to your support, Ariana Farber is coming on board as our Executive Director this May!

This year we’re STEPPIN’ OUT, as we plan to bring our emerging filmmakers’ films to a broader audience.  You can be a part of making The Davey Road Show a reality!

Here is what some of the theatre and film grantees have said about receiving their Davey grant:

Katherine Vondy, 2015 SLAC grantee: “My play’s workshop with Salt Lake Acting Company was an invaluable experience.”

Rob Tennant, 2015 Plan-B Theatre grantee: “David not only embodied the passion and skill requried for great art, but the sense of community and open collaboration that are vital elements of artistic endeavor we well.  I take very seriously the responsibility of working under his name and in his memory.”

Ted Schaefer, 2015 film grantee: “I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.  You all were so welcoming and sweet and went above and beyond to make our time so fantastic.  That’s not even mentioning the enormous help you were in getting my film made.

Lauren Wolkstein, 2015 film grantee: “You have created something uniquely special for emerging filmmakers.  The Davey Foundaiton grant and trip to SLC exceeded my wildest dreams. Honestly, this was, by far, one of my favorite experiences that I will cherish forever.”

Nick Dixon, 2015 local film grantee: “The gear grant ended up being invaluable.”

Ben Kegan, 2014 film grantee: “My experience with the Davey Foundation was incredible from beginning to end.  I left SLC after the Showcase feeling inspired, supported, and motivated.  I have so much gratitude to all involved.”

To continue helping emerging playwrights and filmmakers like these, The Davey Foundation is committed to STEPPIN’ OUT and bringing our filmmakers’ films to locations around the country.

The van (pictured above) was generously provided by an anonymous donor!*

The plan to share our grantees’ films is real!  The van…well…may or may not be.